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A Norwegian company with global ambitions.
Doucebags™ make great sport premium bags. 

They started out by making the worlds greatest ski bag, and now they are on the verge of going truly global, taking the hard step out of the start up scene and into the big league. 

The Problem

There’s only one issue: The name. Douchebags.

What started out as a funny startup name, just isn’t fun anymore – It has become increasingly offensive, and to top it off, it’s a racial slur describing white privilege.

And from starting out as a premium sports brand, they eventually started to attract, well, douchebags – to the point that it is damaging the brand.

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The Straitjacket

Eventually, they realize that the name is now constraining the company, and keeping them from growing further.

1. No one wants to sell their bags in the US
2. No sports profiles want to be seen in public with the bags

Shit, and how to
get out of it

The Douchebags brand was built follower by follower, purely social, mainly through Instagram. And their followers love the brand! 

So our task was to remove the brand’s constraints, without having to start over – and still keep their 350k followers.

Douchebags is about journeys. Journeys change you. 
So we sent Douchebags on an everlasting journey, to change. 

They are no longer Douchebags.
Now it’s just Db (and everything in between).

A meme,
Designed for Social

It’s both a brand, ads, an engagement platform, a meme and a language for Db to express them selves in all written surfaces. And most importantly, it’s a way to interact with fans - custom made for social media.

We transformed the brand itself into an interactive journey, a meme designed to engage the community. Designed to thrive in social media. 

And we got response. A lot, actually. 

Name Generator

We gave our followers a chance to expand their Db vocabulary by creating our own name generator.

Go ahead try some.
It's 11 million more combinations, in English alone.

Make Your Own Meme

What does Db mean to you? Make us a into a meme, by uploading your favourite image and your Db play on the name.

Oh boy/girl did people engage.

Dr. Bloom, I presume?

When the community suggested that we should build a flower shop to promote our newest collection, we got a shot at truly testing the concept.

Guess what we did? Correct. We made it happen -together! The idea, the name, and even the storefront design was made by the community -and we even started selling digital plants for a good cause. All because our followers wanted it. 

The Results

Just three months after launch, we can already say that we havce effectively removed the constraint!


65 Doors opened in the US and counting.


100 ambassadors have changed their mind, and now actively endorse Db.


Post engagement up well over 100% and post quality drastically improved.

Bonus objective:

In addition, the renaming unlocked a new market, enabling Db to enter the surf segment. 
The collection was sold out in just two days.

And this is just


The Casemovie

Aka. The only thing you really have to watch.